Paint Rather Than Renovate to Save Time and Money

Renovations are great when plumbing or wiring needs to be updated or the family needs change. For an interior that just desperately needs to be updated, painting will save homeowners a lot of time and money over renovations. Painting is a quick and cost-effective way to redecorate, change the look and feel of a room, and increase the property’s value. A change of color can make a small room appear bigger, a dark room have more light, and a plain room come alive with color, etching, or stripes. That floral wallpaper in the living room, for example, is outdated and makes the room feel cramped. Replacing it will a pale paint color can provide light, make the room seem bigger, and allow a complete change of decor.

A Painting Contractor can offer suggestions and give estimates on the total cost of the project. Hiring someone to do the painting will eliminate the need to spend the weekend or vacation time placing all the furniture into the center of the room, setting down drop cloths, taping the windows and trim, and preparing the walls. All that work has to be done before the actual painting can begin. Then, there is a primer coat, a couple of coats of the color, and the trimming and edging to do. An experienced Grand Rapids Painter, who specializes in residential projects, can have it done in half the time with professional results. If painting has never been attempted before, the interior of the house should not be the first do-it-yourself project for the family. Start with the exterior of the back porch or the shed behind the garage.

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Make sure the painter is licensed to do business in the state and can provide references before signing any contracts. There are plenty of contractors in the area, so take the time to compare pricing, experience, and services. Ask about a timeline and discuss a schedule that will work best for the family. Most professional painters can accommodate reasonable schedules and will be able to provide a start date. Verify the insurance coverage of the Interior Painter to protect the home from damages, liability, and any defects found after the work is completed.

Not all painters will offer a guarantee for the work, so find one that does. Pricing is important, but the lowest cost will offer no savings if the work is not done right. Hiring another painter to fix the job will cost more than hiring that painter with twenty years experience at a slightly higher rate.


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